Recipe of mason' shop sign does not added after upgrading by the guildmaster's skill

recipe of upgraded version of mason’s shop sign does not added after upgrading tier3 by The guildmaster’s skill.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Choose ascendency side and start game.
  2. Choose The guildmaster’s skill as tier3 town upgrade.
  3. See list of mason’s recipes.

Expected Results:
mason’s shop sign added to recipe list just like of carpenter’s or blacksmith’s

Actual Results:
mason’s sign is missing. only door’s exist.

I found craftsman:sign_mason and its recipe is normally inside of mason’s list in stonehearth.smod.
But I don’t know why it doesn’t added.
It can be manually unlocked by using following console command
unlock signage_decoration:sign_mason stonehearth:jobs:mason

Version Number and Mods in use: vanilla
debugmod of vanilla

System Information:
x64 win 10, 17134.228, intel i5-3570, 16GB ram

For some reason they forgot about that item…
It also bothers me that all the tier3 unlockable recipes are hardcoded in lua, meaning that one cannot simple change it in a mod friendly way.

Thanks for catching this! It’ll be fixed in an upcoming build or 1.1