v205 Idle on Load Game

So I have looked over the list several times so far, but this issue seems to be something I am encountering regularly. If it is the same as something else, feel free to lock and move.

When Loading a saved game, I have villagers that get stuck idle. It is not the same ones every time, and it is not always the same number, but almost without exception, when my saves and loads work, I have villagers get stuck idling. I have had the issue for several alphas, but this is the first time I felt like I had something new to contribute.

Issue: Villagers get stuck idling after loading a saved game.
Start a new game
Assign villagers to a task (Build building, chop wood, etc)
Save Game
Load Game
Random villagers stuck idle

Note: The Trapper seems unaffected, by this or any other stuck villager issue I have observed. He always keeps on trappin.

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This is a known bug, its somewhere on the threads here. The AI does not load properly when loading from the game. to fix is to exit game and load from restart

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