Stutter Bug with Village Characters

I have a short movie of it.
But what is happening is suddenly many of the villagers will suddenly and persistently start alternating between whatever they were doing and idle, they will rapidly cycle between these two endlessly.
This just started with this evening’s patch. 10-20-14

The Goblins however don’t seem to be affected at all they just kept stealing.

Does saving and reloading help at all? There have been some pathfinding bugs that this fixes in the more recent builds.

The answer is yes and no. Sometimes reloading stops this, but most of the time it returns very quickly, or the reload does not stop it. IE today I had this issue return, 6 of my characters, all at the same time, started to rapidly cycle between their jobs, resting time, to Idle, none of these were stuck nor did they have anything in the current path, after 3 restarts it stopped, but other times I just have to start a new game. as I said I made a short Avi of this with the characters screen open.


I have the same problem. =p