Use of plains on the map

Right now plains are effectively wasted, worthless, map areas. What advantages can you guys think of for plains?

Some ideas I had,
-Better Animal breeding.
-Better sun for crops (and for our settlers to get a tan in :wink: )
-Larger visibility.
-Less goblins/hostiles
-Home of the bunnies
That’s all for now. I can’t wait to see what everyone else comes up with.


Titan Combat.

(Also, more building space.)


This pretty much sums it up - if you want to make a cool big castle with a large mining complex below it etc, then you pretty much need to build on the plains.

The disadvantage of that is that you really don;t find ores unless you mine in the mountainous areas, IME.

Decisions, decisions… :smile:


you could always make the case for specific “biomes” to spawn something unique to the area… you can only find ores of type X or wood of type Y in the vast plains, etc.


i absolutely love that idea!
choosing where to settle would eventually play a big role in the game if they did it that way.

Tbh I only make mountain forts, tons of ores, more room (underneath t’ mountain wise) plains-castles aren’t really that good. And an advantage would be space to make a HUGE FARM.

Don’t forget, there’s still the entire spectrum of biomes that still needs to be implemented. Currently, we only have generic plains, woods, foot hills (/cliffs), and mountains. Plains won’t likely be so over-dominant of the map in the future.

That’s another good point. Although once we get more defined modes of long-distance transportation and construction, these local resources might fall to a outpost or camp instead of your entire settlement for collection.


well I now build my towns there. you can build nicer walls there I have much more space, sure I need to walk further for ores, but we have roads.
plus the games start to last longer so it isnt that bad.

But on the other hand, think ahead with water.
rivers will spawn and guess where they are going to be.
while mountains might have streams I think river will be better farming wise, if you need to dig the irrigation yourself.

now im typing more possible ideas come to mind.
what about coastal city’s, the kickstarted showed some art of islands.

and maby if we are lucky we can have clifst, clifs that go straigt into the water.
you can build mighty fortresses that stand tall and that reach out from the waves.

I may have build to much minecraft but if its possible, it means those fortresses and city ports are alive.

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I hope they make a cold pine biome, with loads of ores & yaks.

the 180k stretch goal from the KS campaign was for a glacier biome… :smiley:

Glacier Biome: Snowy, icy lands with unique building mechanics for igloos and frost forts!


I mean like Skyrim-ish. Yak milk, goats, cows & trolls. And maybe even some… Dragons… HUEHUEHUE. Jk.

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now i really want to build whiterun in stonehearth…

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Note to self, make Jarl, Thane and Housecarl classes.


Just saying, wouldn’t it be more goblins? It’s much more flat and open, they should be smart enough to know thats an easier target.

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A lot of people have said this, but the truth of the matter is that even for building we don’t need as much plains as currently generated. Right now on average a good 50% of the land is plains, that is way too much for building.

true, but I always plan big, I never get there because of the bugs. but the way I see it, plains arent big enough sometimes for the plans I have for them, I build my houses bigger than most ppl do on streams, youtube videos, screenshots and such.

i expect when they hit stage 2 (see below) on water, fertillty will be taken into account, and then I think mountains will be hard to grow food on.

I also hope they slow down growth or decrease yield from plants,because right now, 1 farmer with 3 fields of 5x20 of corn, turnip and pumkin can sustain a population of at least 20 hearthlings wich in my oppinion is to small of an area.
this makes irrigation obsolete. why would you need it if a few fields are enough.

(radiant said in their stream that they build the game in stages, stage 1 water is making sure the physics are in place and the generation of it. stage 2 is using it)

edit: also id rather have space I dont need, than needing space and not having it

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