Upload Alpha 21 to Humble Bundle

That is all. Thanks.

That’s extremely rude. The team is working hard to make sure there are no huge game breaking bugs before they update the humble bundle because it takes a LOT of work to update it from various posts they’ve shared. Please be patient.

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Do you want to know what is rude? Treating the customers that don’t have Steam or don’t want Steam like second class customers. I paid for a downloadable game, not a Steam game. Read your own website.

Did you consider the fact to treat yourself like a first class customer ?

The reason they Don’t update humble as soon as Steam, is in case something happens like it did with this very update. Not long after the stable version was released, more bugs were found, and extra patches were made. If they had pushed out to humble instantly, they’d have to do it twice more. And they’ve said the process for doing that is a lot harder than for Steam.

That’s why they wait.

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Or dont be ignorant and download steam. Dont really see the problem there?

the reason they won’t update the humble bundle is for multiple reasons

firstly you’re very rude to demand things like this with out first knowing what goes into game development.

secondly the issues line up as such

First Humble Bundle does NOT have an unstable update Opt in option allowing those who want the most recent of recent unreleased versions of the game to have access to it.

Secondly Humble Bundle does not have an auto update service for your game installs like steam or even GOG does as humble bundle does not have a software based launcher, everything with HB works through the website with manual downloads or linking to steam, xbl, etc.

Thirdly for them to update the HB version to the latest version as others have mentioned so far stating that the latest build actually has multiple issues, it would require radiant to not only upload the latest build, which ISN’T stable yet, but then remove it after multiple complaints come in, patch it, then reupload AGAIN every few days until they stomped out all of the bugs in the latest build when the reality of it is this is not a complete game yet. this is still an early access game. You can’t expect it to be patched when you demand it to be when the source of YOUR copy is through a service that does not support on the fly updates through a software based launcher. HB is good for cheap priced games, it’s not good for reliability in terms of game update support if the only way to install the game is via manual download.

Especially when you consider the fact that the game itself does not contain a launcher for itself and thus can not search for updates on it’s own either. my suggestion, suck it up, deal with the delayed update, and just be happy they’re willing to hold back on pushing an unstable update to make sure YOUR copy is actually properly working while the rest of us essentially beta test the build for you.

don’t act like you’re entitled to whatever you want because no one will respond positively to you for that.

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Hi @Patrick_287 :merry:

I am sure that the team will upload the new alpha to HB soon. With just a few minutes of reading your previous post here on the discourse i became aware of why you have lesser patience than what would be expected of most gamers.
I hope you get access to the new alpha soon.
Have a great day :slight_smile:

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He’s just making a request, ladies and gents. Let’s not mob the poor guy.

I’m sure it’ll be up soon! The team has addressed the reason behind waiting on humble bundle releases a few times in past development blogs, hopefully that will ease your concern. :slight_smile:

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Not mobbing him, just sincerely curious as to why you would rob yourself of the best gaming experience known to man for the last… what ? close to 20 years.

Good afternoon everyone,

Before I address the original concern of the topic, I need to address how this topic devolved over the last few hours. A user came to the Discourse and shared a request that A21 be uploaded to Humble Bundle. While the post was short, it was direct and to the point. Emotions then got a bit high and users started attacking each other. This violates not only the Stonehearth Golden Rule but also rule 4. While many people find Steam the most convenient way to download Stonehearth, there are numerous perfectly valid reasons why a user like Humble Bundle. No one should be attacked over their choice of game distribution system.

As to the request itself. As has been shared in the past, there are a couple of reasons why the Humble Bundle update is delayed compared to Steam.

  1. The Humble Bundle process is much more involved than Steam, and takes longer to complete.
  2. Humble Bundle does not have an auto-updater. If A21 was pushed to Humble and a new A21 build was needed, there is no good way to alert users that they need to update.

For both of these reasons, there will always be a delay between the Steam release and Humble. From the past few alphas, ~7 business days seems to be the average release timeframe. Given that the most recent Steam stable patch was on Tuesday, if another patch does not come out you can likely expect A21 on Humble sometime next week.


Update: Humble has been updated with Alpha 21.