Updating routine

I think you need a uptade routine like every week we get a small update like bugfixes new furnitures ets and every month a biger update like classes ets

I honestly like their current update service. They update the game about once a month or two with alot of content or fixes and if they need to push out hotfixes or new revisions they do. The only thing I wish they would update faster is the Humble Bundle versions.

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@Ozzy1, I can share with you that the development cycle is not going to change anytime soon. Here is the current routine:

  1. Work starts on a new Alpha.
  2. The team works for ~3 weeks developing new features, models, sounds, and other game assets.
  3. The first release is made on Steam Latest beta branch.
  4. The team works to resolve outstanding bugs and issues reported over ~3 weeks. They also listen to feedback regarding the new features they implemented.
  5. Once the game is stable enough, they switch from develop builds to release builds.
  6. Once the release build is confirmed stable, it is pushed to the main Steam branch.
  7. The team fixes any major game stopping bugs/crashes found.
  8. The Alpha is then pushed to Humble Bundle.

Unfortunately this is not as easy as the team would like. Pushing to Humble Bundle is a much more involved process then Steam (which only takes a few clicks - trust me, I got to push that button once :smile:). Humble also isn’t automatic, it requires the user to manually downlaod the update - so the team doesn’t want to push an update that contains big issues as it is an added hassle for players to update frequently.


@jomaxro Still even after 1 to 2 weeks after initial release the next Alpha version should be available right? Stable of course

Yes, it should. Humble is updated within 2 weeks of Steam stable, typically sooner. For A18 it took 8 days - there were a few lingering issues from the Steam stable release (a missing DLL file and an analytics issue) that prevented the update from being pushed.