What is expected time between Steam and HumbleBundle Updates?

Was wondering how long it typically takes for HumbleBundle to get an update after Steam does? I see the release date on HB is 7/25 but a hotfix was released on 7/26. Thanks!

Uploading a build to Humble Bundle is a manual process, unlike for Steam which is just pushing a button. So traditionally we only updated stable versions to HB and unstable/stable to Steam, which meant that HB version only got updated every few months.

Now that we’re in 1.0, if there’s something game breaking (crashes and the like), the Humble Bundle version might get updated more often, but otherwise I expect it will be updated for the 1.1 version.

I might be completely wrong though, perhaps we’re going to update the HB version whenever we make a new patch but I don’t have a dev here to confirm right now :thinking: (@sdee?)


Thanks for the reminder—usually the delay is about 2 weeks so we can catch all the hotfix fallout and only upload once. If there’s a real breaking bug fix remind me here and I will try to schedule a moment to upload.


Sounds good, thanks for the info!