Next Humble Bundle update?

When will the next content update be available for HumbleBundle users? Currently it’s sitting on 7/21/2016; almost 2 months ago ;-;

EDIT: After reading a topic for Alpha 18; it seems they only update on “major” patches…Wouldnt new version count as a major patch? IE Alpha 16, 17, 18?


that is correct.

it could be that they were both “published” at the same time, but humble bundle is taking longer to actually update as it’s done differently than steam… but i don’t really know much about that stuff, perhaps @brad could be of more assistance?


We have to go through a more manual (and so more labor-intensive) process with Humble, so we usually let a major release be out in the wild for a day or so (to ensure that there are no major issues) before we push to Humble. So expect Alpha 18 there in a day or so.


Thanks for the information!