Can we have a new Humble Bundle update?

Well the title says it all! :slight_smile: I would like to have a DRM free update sometime…

edit: didn’t know what DRM meant…

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currently the game is DRM free

edit: oops, posted that by accident!

are you playing through steam or humble bundle?

sorry, apparently i didn’t know what DRM meant… :stuck_out_tongue:
I meant can we have a new update to the humble bundle?

haha, no worrys mate!

[quote=“zigworf, post:3, topic:14818”]
I meant can we have a new update to the humble bundle?
[/quote]the humble bundle version doesnt update until the stable branch when most of the bugs have been ironed out. so an estimated time of when that will happen cant be given :confused:

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Well in the steam latest release they have preliminary Alpha 11 so i would assume that the last update to Alpha 10 would be the stable release?

you are correct, 10.5 is the newest stable release.

build 2494 is the current unstable release.

if you want to know more about what “stable” and “unstable” releases are go here,

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I know it would be possible to use the stable release on steam, but what i really want is an update proof game, which would be from the Humble bundle. So that’s why i want a new stable release on the Humble Bundle.

sorry, but what exactly do you mean?

I mean i don’t want to be worried about not being able to play a map because the newest update is not compatible.

And yes i know I will never have a 100% crash proof game because the game is still in Alpha.

i’m afraid that the game doesn’t have this as a feature yet, and it might not be implemented until beta

also, just encase you confused about this, steam and humble bundle stable releases are the exact same thing. the only thing different about having it on steam is that your able to play the unstable releases.

And on the Humble bundle you get the game in a folder.

on steam you also get it in a folder, its just hidden away in the steam files :wink:

actually, thats what makes the game DRM free (which means you can put it on as many computers as you like by the way). even if you downloaded it through steam you are able to copy the folder and run the game without steam.


really? then that’s what i wanted, thx! I’m so sorry for the trouble!

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you wanted it DRM free? or…

[quote=“zigworf, post:13, topic:14818”]
thx! I’m so sorry for the trouble!
[/quote]no problemo mate, im here to help after all :smile:


I wanted to save folders of different versions of the game so i could play any version that had been released! :smiley:

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ah yes! just make sure you dont release those to the public :wink:


yeah, i know! I won’t do anything like that.


thank you sooo much!

i know (or was hoping at least) that you wouldn’t, it was just a little “warning” of sorts :smile:

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thank you sooo much!
[/quote]again, its what im here for, it just makes my day being able to help people out :blush:

edit: anyhoo, seeing as your problem is solved i think this could be closed, unless @SteveAdamo thinks otherwise