Cannot download Alpha 16 via Humblebundle

Can you please upload it? I’ll plan on nagging every release. Thanks.

just download on steam lie the rest of us :slight_smile:

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@8BitCrab said this around 3 days ago, so I’m going to guess around 4 days from now is when it will be on Humble.


on steam alpha 16 still won’t download for me atleast

So basically non-steam users are second class citizens. Nice. You guys should give your paying customers the heads up about this before they buy it.

To be fair, it’s probably easier to distribute the game via Steam, Also, is it that big of a deal-breaker to get the update a week later?

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Humble Bundle gets updated with every final release of an alpha, @brad said that it should be updated sometime this week.

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We have a small patch for A16 that we’ll be making tomorrow; that release will go to both Steam and Humble.

We try to ensure that the release pushed to Humble won’t likely need patches, since players have to pull the release there (it doesn’t auto-update as does Steam); once players have a Humble release they may not be aware of any updates until the next Alpha release.

TL;DR: look for the latest Steam+Humble release tomorrow.


It is a big deal when your autistic kid finds that Alpha 16 is out, but he can’t download it. Their brains do not work like ours and it’s not his fault. I don’t want him to have internet on his computer in his bedroom, so no Steam. On the purchase page for this game the direct download is the main sale and it’s worded that you can download it on Steam too.

Yes, that would make it a big deal. I’m sorry, I didn’t know. I hope he enjoys it when it releases tomorrow.

Might want to tone it down a tad though, that is a situation that the team might not have been aware of. :frowning2: Pushing to Humblebundle is more of a hassle than pushing to steam and is more set up for infrequent updates than steam is. I can understand the situation it cause with your son though.

It’s good to hear your son enjoys the game. I’ve been hooked on it since I first saw it on kickstarter and it does not cease to amaze me. :smiley:


I agree, tough, it is unfortunate that the situation is that way for you, the developers can’t afford meet the needs of every single person and or the minorities all the time(not to be disrespectful)

The situation is understandable for bolth sides, and we’ll all have to understand and respect both sides

I have no doubt hat the team would like to upload on humble all the time, but since not all people will opt in for cheking and updating all the time, and not all people will be able to,
This is the teams way to ensure that as many players as possible will ge the best experience as they can without having to check every week or so manually, even if this does mean that some people have to get it little late than that of another platform.

At the end, it’s a balancing act, and the team has to do that part

I’m sorry to hear it, and glad that you found a great game like StoneHearth for your son.
It really is a friendly game


even with the hard mode battling :slight_smile:

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Oh my son’s staring at the Humble download link too and has been checking every day (possibly 3x a day when he gets home from school… :wink: ) He, too, is not allowed Steam on his computer (They’re kids!) so only downloads it from the Humble Store. I’ll let him know that 16 should be out by the time he gets home from school. All I could do was shrug earlier and tell him it takes time for it to deploy on 16.

I have 3 copies so we’re not even sharing the game. :wink:

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Now live on Humble Bundle.
Sorry for the delay; we needed to wait for today’s patch (plus the Humble upload process is manual and somewhat awkward).