Can you please upload Alpha 19 to humble bundle?

It’s been more than a few weeks.

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Stephanie confirmed on Stream last night that this fell through the cracks, and will be up by the end of the week.

Edit 11/18/16 10 PM: As of 5 PM EST, Alpha 19 should be on Humble Bundle.


Also, the Humble Bundle gives you a steam code so you can play the latest on steam, you just need to install steam. But I do feel like they should update the game on the humble Bundle along with the steam game, but if you need a portable game, you can zip up the steam game and play it anywhere, just dont upload it anywhere but personal storage.

There are some people who decide against steam (for various reasons) I think steam is good, but not everyone is using it.


My child is mentally disabled. I don’t want internet on his bedroom computer. So steam is out.


Off topic, but happy Discourse anniversary @Patrick_287! Have a :gift:.