I can't download Alpha 13 (via Humble)

I can not download Alpha 13. My humble link will only allow me to download Alpha12. I tried the support email and it was ignored. Is anybody else having this issue? Is there anything I can do? Am I out $25? I’ve only bought 2 yearly access games. This one and Towns. Did I just get screwed again?

Try to download the last version (instable) then back to the Alpha

I have no idea what that means. This is all I have.

No need to jump to conclusions until you’ve heard from Support, Alpha 13 was only pushed to steam recently so Humble Bundle is probably in the process of being updated.

Stay calm :innocent:


If you have Steam, take your Steam key.
Otherwise you’ll probably have to wait indeed


Hey there @Patrick_287, welcome to the Discourse! As @Shizuyori and @Powerclank have pointed out, Alpha 13 was released just before the US holiday of Thanksgiving, and it does seem as if the Humble download was not updated. You have 2 options that I can see right now:

  1. Wait until next week for @brad and the devs to upload the latest build to Humble.
  2. Copy the Steam key to your Steam account (creating one if needed, it is free) and access Alpha 13 now.

Hope this helps!


I’m having the same problem… Around when can I expect the humble bundle version to be updated?

I would guess that you will see it sometime next week, but we will need to wait for @brad or another developer to confirm when they return to work next week.

Yeah, same here. When can I expect expect the new version - alpha 13?

Alpha 13 latest is released on Humble – you should have no issue accessing it there.

Hey there @Valerian, welcome to the Discourse! The latest and greatest version of Alpha 13 is available for download via Humble as we speak. I just logged in to my account to double check!

Edit: Whoops, ninja’d by @brad! :smile:

Hey, glad to be here xD

Well it seems that i´am a really, really stupid guy and not able to read.
You are absolutly right, i had no issue to get access to it.

No need to apologize. It does bug me that Humble doesn’t list versions in the Library, just update dates, so there is no way to know until you download. Glad you got it working!

Mhh, okay, next time i´ll give it a try, before starting to complain.^^