Upgrading town level

Royal herald does not recognize what type oh monument was built when upgrading. I’m not sure if it is a bug or a lack of development (perhaps there is just one message for all types of monuments so far), but I don’t think this is intended.

Steps to reproduce:
I’m not sure if all of this relevant, but here it is.

  1. Make all 3 monuments before upgrading your town
  2. Place 1 monument and call the royal herald
  3. The herald incorrectly detects what type of monument you have

Expected Results:
Herald should congratulate you depending on the type of monument - chirch, craftsmanship or military.

Actual Results:
Herald may incorrectly detect the monument and address you like of you’ve built another monument.


At this point I have all three monuments built, but only one is placed (it is in the picture - and it is not a military one).

Town upgrade screen, however, detects the type of the monument correctly.
Version Number:


I wonder what would happen if you sold the other 2 monuments and just had the one? (or even just deleted them with the console.) (aka save first) Is it an issue that the game is detecting all three monuments, and doesn’t actually require it to be placed or a bug in the code… :slight_smile:

In the actual proclamation it says “[…] for excellence in craftsmanship.” so the game actually saw it, although you got another message…


With a continuation for this, if you have all 3 monuments placed before you summon the herald, the herald does not come at all, and the quest is no longer in the list to select.

@Chris_Jaeger, I don’t understand.
To be able to summon the herald you need to meet one of the requirements (one of the monuments + the net worth at its right). When you can click on the ‘Summon the Herald’ button is because you already qualify for Tier 2, so your town gets tier 2 at that moment and the quest disappears from the list.

Do you mean that your quest dialog disappeared on its own before you could check the requirements and after crafting the 3 monuments?

@Relyss, No, not quite. I had crafted and placed all 3 monuments, then I
went through the quest check. I had marked all 3 as complete, but when I
clicked on the “Summon Herald”, the herald did not come at all and the
quest disappeared from the list.

Hi @Chris_Jaeger. How long were you playing the mentioned session after requesting the heralds return? A few times I experienced a long delay in his arrival, 3-4 in game days(I was placing only one monnument though). Unfortunately I do not know what impacts this delay.

@Yarpen, I think I only went out an extra 2 days or so before I loaded an
older save. When I loaded that one and just placed one monument before
summoning the herald, they showed up right away.

The delay is a timer, so fortunately, even if you don’t summon the herald (or the quest sticky disappears) it will recheck the requirements every couple days until they are met.

On another note, I managed to reproduce @Chris_Jaeger’s issue after all this time, so hopefully it’ll get fixed.

And yes, for that initial message it’s using the same, “martial prowess” for all, and then a specific message on the proclamation screen. Maybe we can fix it, but when you meet more than one requirement it will probably pick the first or last one.

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