Unsure why the game is loading incredibly slowly

Since 1.0 release, my game went from loading in about 45 seconds or so, to about 3 minutes, with no change in mods or settings. Unsure if a mod is causing this or if there is some new thing that is causing my load time to be horrendous, but it is incredibly frustrating to say the least. I even installed additional ram on my laptop to run this better before these slowdowns started.

Things to note:

-The game runs perfectly fine once in game. No slowdowns (other than the usual after a few hours requiring a restart, what else is new? :smile: )

  • I made my entire steam folder an exception to my antivirus to make sure that wasn’t a factor
  • I have done a complete reinstall (steam uninstall, then delete stonehearth folder, then reinstall) of Stonehearth to attempt to fix the issue to no avail
  • My laptop specs: Windows 10, nVidia 660m, 16gb ram, intel i7, 256gb SSD and a 1tb sshd

Any ideas on what may be going on? Has anyone experienced this before? Should I unsub from all of my mods to see if one of them is causing an issue?


I recommend putting all mods you use in a Steam Workshop collection; unsubscribe from them with the “unsubscribe from all” button; load up the game; go to the Mods menu, use the “get mods” button, and subscribe to your collection; let it load up the mods from there.

I will give this a shot, but if you don’t mind me asking, what is the reasoning behind why this may/will work?

I had the same issue where my game was really slow to load, despite the fact my computer should be more than capable, and it got really frustrating (especially when I was trying to test thing I was working on, mod wise; moreso since it means I probably deleted at least one or two projects falsely thinking they were responsible for it).

So at one point, I thought to remove all my mods to see if it affected things. I didn’t want to have to hunt them all again, hence the step of adding them to a collection to be able to easily add them back in.

Starting the game without [almost] any mods, it was MUCH faster to load. Like, from 15+ minutes of a black screen, to a minute or two before the music would start. It also was fairly fast to get the mods again from within the game.

Exactly why this works, I’m not so sure. My best guess - which is entirely from observation and no related knowledge or skills - would be that something’s off with how the game is handling the way it loads up the mods at launch. Maybe something in mod load order (drawing off Minecraft for comparison), maybe with how some of the mods work… I don’t really know.

Gotcha! Thank you for explaining to me :slight_smile:

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