It stays stuck in the beginning / Se queda pegado en el inicio

MI nombre es Vailem, y ayer compre el juego por steam, y cuando lo abre la primera vez se demoro mucho en empezar pero funciono, pero ahora lo abro y nunca empieza el juego hoy, quiero saber por que pasa eso y como solucionarlo.

My name is Vailem, and yesterday I bought the game for steam, and when I opened it the first time it took a long time to start but it worked, but now I open it and the game never starts today, I want to know why that happens and how to solve it

Not sure why it does not start at all today but i know that Windows Defender and Stonehearth does not like eachother using AVG or AVAST it starts fast but with Windows Defender it’s really slow. Should not be like that but thats my current situation.

can confirm this issue also, take a long time to start every time

You guys on Windows 10 perhaps?
(on win 7 myself. mine only starts super slow if I have a bunch of uncompressed files in my mods or steam uploads folder)

@Wouter_Sikkema, we’re taking a look at load performance when you have many mods installed, but still not sure how much can be done about it. This unability to run or slow startup could be caused by the antivirus too.

@S_Vailem, does the game go from Running to Sync to nothing on the Steam library? Or do you see it Running but it still doesn’t open after waiting for several minutes and you have to kill the task?
Are you using any mods?

@Banto, if it’s only with Windows Defender, does adding an exception for the game and/or the crash reporter exe make a difference?

Windows Defender is indeed eating many resources and scanning every app we run, but not sure why does it make it so slow for Stonehearth. We suspect it’s scanning all the files from the mods, since the game needs to load them on start (and some of you reported better load times without mods).

@Relyss Well being able to upload mods as smod instead of the non compressed version would help a lot I suspect. (or is it possible to do that now already? I don’t know) Since then you don’t add loads of seperate files to load into ram but only a few big ones (muuuch faster for those not on ssd’s)
Well that or have stonehearth compress them the first time on detection? There was a mod for that in kerbal space program back before they did that themselves

not sure how you exactly do that with Windos 10 Windows Defender

If you open Windows 10 settings, go to update and security, there should be a tab on the left for Windows Defender. In those settings there should be an option for excluding files and folders.

did not make it faster when i added crash_reporter.exe and stonehearth.exe for me with Windows Defender.

Tried with the entire Stonehearth folder also same slow start up with Defender

When i instead used process for both those exe files instead of the actual files tho it seems faster just a few seconds compared to before 1-2min



Thanks for testing this! So using exceptions for the processes does make a difference.

Do you think that with these exceptions the time it takes is (more or less) the same than for the other antiviruses? Just to compare.