Insane Title Screen Load TImes

Hey all. When booting up Stonehearth, the launch to titlescreen takes an incredibly long time - usually several minutes - which really hurts the ability to play the game during short time spans. I suspect this may have something to do with use of mods as I have several installed, but I’m only really interested in playing with mod content. Even then, the load times are insane just for having to load in mods as well. Is there something I can do to speed up this process? Is this a known issue, or is it likely mod related?

This happened on both my previous computer and my new one, but here’s my current specs:
Windows 10 Pro 64-bit
AMD x470 Gaming Plus Motherboard
AMD Ryzen 7 2700X Eight-Core Processor 3.7GHz
NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060

Assuming stonehearth isn’t installed on a really slow hard drive
part of the problem may be hardware related
what do you call several mods
my computer takes less than a minute to load with the following mods
the neccesary ones from the game devs + debugtools
ace, beam, 100 stat, box o vox, space magic, nordling, lostems, dani core, trapper+, knacks geomancy, Fisher archipelago, autoharvest, better storage, all of beursies workshop buildings( 6 buildings), dense fields, edge pan, map options, extra easy, high class,locks of rainbow hair, primitive armory

My game/mods are loading from an HDD, but since all of my games are on the same HDD and face no significantly obtuse loading times other than Stonehearth, I strongly doubt that’s the main contributing factor. I know an SSD would be faster regardless.

I put together a mod list to help diagnose the issue. Here’s my mods list as of today:

  1. Extra Map Options
  2. Kingdom: Elves of Veloren (ACE Compatible)
  3. Beam - Hearthling Stats Customization
  4. Authorized Community Expansion (ACE)
  5. Candledark III
  6. Smart Crafter
  7. Box Command Tool
  8. Autoharvest Mod
  9. MBS Training
  10. StakeOut City Planning
  11. Riallwood - Basic Template Pack
  12. Crafter Queues!
  13. Stonehearth Doorways
  14. Home sweet home
  15. Signery
  16. Finery
  17. Fortify v0.6
  18. Armis Maximus
  19. Miner Profession
  20. Specialized Loadouts
  21. BreweryMod
  22. Stonehearth Cafe
  23. Locks of Main Hair (no colors)
  24. Yangz Yings
  25. Town Inventory Tracker
  26. Piles Plus
  27. Sacred Grove Biome
  28. The Silent Woods
  29. Lorkis Biome
  30. Canyon Biome
  31. Easy Mode Difficulty
  32. Tree Stump
  33. Kai Monkey’s “a few more landmarks” - Version 0.1
  34. Spawn Way More Landmarks
  35. Taiga Biome
  36. Norsehearth
  37. Fisher Job + Archipelago Biome
  38. What’s Stuck?
  39. Primitive Armory
  40. Dani’s Core Mod
  41. Glassworks
  42. Trapper+
  43. Trapper+ Taxidermy


Loading from an HDD can certainly be a big factor, especially if the mod files (including the base game smod files) are fragmented; make sure you’ve defragged recently. That’s certainly a lot of mods, and if you’re using ACE you should disable Smart Crafter and Box Command Tool.

smart crafter and tree stumps are included ine ace and no longer needed
ace allows you to box select items to move or remove ( not destroy)
crafter queues may also have it’s functions included in ace

I think that some mods are not working well with ace or eachother

I’ve removed the mods you guys mentioned were now redundant - thanks!

I also checked my drive defragging, it’s currently at 0% fragmented and defrag is run weekly. So looks like that is out.

Are there certain kinds of mods I should be looking at as likely candidates for long load times? I could investigate those further. Other ideas?

I have a similar issue. Going from steam to my in-game save often takes me about 10-15 minutes, and I have my game installed on an SSD (imagine the time loading on a hdd, I’d cry)

What I tend to do, is that I just boot up the game, go downstairs, make myself a cup of coffee, go upstairs to load the save, and then casually drink it xD

I decided to run a timer for some specific numbers. Starting the game to get to title screen took 3min 42 seconds. When attempting to change mods in the title screen, or to continue my saved game, the loading process goes through a period of “The program is not responding” for 15-20 seconds before continuing to load.

Compared to me, that’s not so bad xD

The Norsehearth mod is 109 MB and parts of it aren’t working so well. You could disable that one to see if it will load up faster.

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I dropped Noreshearth and the loading time to title screen dropped to 1 min 41 seconds. That halved the loading time! Thank you, that’s a big improvement. Know of any other culprits that may affect it further? Near 2 minutes is still pretty lengthy, plus time to then load my save.

Continuing a relatively fresh save (one building, not many materials, low town population) clocked in at 3min 13 seconds from title screen to controllable. That’s a combined total of 4 min 54 seconds from launching the game to able to play it, and it’s my understanding that it will only get worse as the town grows.

Maybe also the Home sweet Home Mod will cause this issue. It’s outdated and some entities can cause longer loading times.

Unfortunately i wasn’t able to update it properly :confused:

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Oh really? I’m sad to hear that. Well I’ll keep it in my favorites in hopes that it will be ready again some day. Do you think that day will come, or have you given up on the mod?

I hope you get to do it eventually. Love your decorations :jubilant: :heart:
If you ask for help over on ACE Discord I’m sure there will be someone to help you out they are all great over there :smiley:
I had some issues with your honey on the latest unstable ACE

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Might be worth to disable Armis Maximus that mod is one of the biggest in size there is and might be a bit outdated.

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Since you dropped Norsehearth, you could try out Nordlingmod, which is a Viking kingdom mod also, but its compressed down to 4 MB.

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and actually has a lot more content :’) (just no biome…maybe i should make one, lol)

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That’s one of the one’s I disabled currently, but thanks!


I’ll give it a look, thanks!