Loading Lag: Tip to Defeat

So, I was getting really frustrated with how long the game was taking to load, most notably it sitting on a black screen (as it would make me paranoid that one of my mods was broken). I inadvertently developed this trick for dealing with it, and thought I’d share:

  1. Add all of the mods you’re playing with to one Collection on Steam.
  2. Click “Unsubscribe from All”
  3. Load the game
  4. Go to the Mods menu
  5. Click on the button to get more mods
  6. Either from that window or your main Steam one, go to your Collection
  7. Click “Subscribe to all”
  8. Give it a minute to process the mods
  9. Play your game with mods
  10. Profit!

On future occasions:

  1. Go to your Collection on Steam
    2-10: As above.

Yes, it’s extra work, redownloading and all each time.
But it’s been faster than the loading wait time on a few occasions.
And also has been a good way for me to catch when it was one of my mods at fault… :innocent:

For me the delay is between clicking the icon and it opening the window. I usually go to the bathroom, to the kitchen, etc… and when I came back it is still not open. I’m used now to click to open the game, and simple alt+tab to youtube and watch something while it loads… Or check my status in cookie clicker or other stuff.
I only use windows defender as a.v. and I have marked the whole game folder to be excluded from checks.


Same as @BrunoSupremo for me so one day a while ago I loaded up Sysinternals Process Explorer and noticed that Stonehearth reads in every mod in the now 3 mods directories regardless if they work or not. If you also happen to have an aggressive virus scanning program it in turn scans all of those files. Mine believing that some of them might be malicious scripts actually sent them off to run through a sandbox test. While I don’t recommend it and simply do like @BrunoSupremo does and do something else you can alternatively exclude either these directories or allow the stonehearth.exe to a trusted app. I did add SH to my trusted apps which made the software load a little bit faster but that was most noticeable in the actual launch of the game.

I will have to try @Kittyodoom trick and then perform the test again to see what has changed.

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