How long to load? (BUG?)

Steps to Repoduce

Just click the launch button on steam and wait quite some time for the game to load ++ game freezing when leaving the Mods menu

What is expected to happen

Game should load in a matter of seconds - and not freeze when leaving the mod menu

What actually happens

Game takes at least 2-3 minutes to load + freeze/crashes when trying to go back to main menu from mod menu

System Information:

Near end of video

could you list the mods you have?
also check the log file in case something is not being propperly loaded

Without doing any investigation and just looking at the video, I notice that during the long pause Steam is using a lot of disk traffic. Do you have any giant mods that it may be trying to verify or update?

ok so it kind of fixed it… important note at end of video :wink:

Glad it’s fixed. As for the note, you need the mods on your machine to be able to connect. Otherwise you don’t have any of the data or code that is required to run those mods while you are connected. Now that they are disabled by default, at worst you are taking up a bit of disk space. We could in theory delete them after you leave the game, but then you’ll just have to redownload them next time you connect to another game.

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