Unofficial Model- and Template-Files for Qubicle

wait wait wait… wait

not only have you met the challenge head on, but you call out the original creator!?!

does your skill … no, does your manliness know no boundaries? :heart_eyes:


Yeah but Tom knows I love him really :stuck_out_tongue:

You cannot achieve the extra voxel without breaking him down in to his component pieces is what I meant… which was beyond the scope of the challenge :smiley:


truly, your talent is dizzying… but i am reminded of my own responsibilities, which i have shirked!

heads back to his writing

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beautiful ;3 :heart:

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is there an ox or a horse in game, perhaps to pull a cart or something? just curious

not that we’ve seen yet, but there are plans for horses, and other large animals…

Horses? - Livestream - 1:28:03

“Mounts in general we’ve wanted for a long time … mounts will be awesome, can’t say when but I like the idea, and mounts for combat as well.”

Will there be cows? - Livestream - 1:17:18

“No cows … cows are so stereotypical aren’t they? Don’t you want something other than a cow? How about, maybe like yaks, or big goats, something other than a cow. Just something different that mixes it up, something a bit more unique.”

Added some replications of weapons from different streams and screenshots. Sorry for them being not colored :disappointed:.


i … must … posses … that … hammer!

Anyone have a wolf model? 'cause I want to make the Space wolves from Warhammer 40K

Notice the giant wolf hood

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@Newf If you take a look on Froggy’s models, you will find the old model of a wolf.

Thx but I just wanted to see if anyone had the other wolf because that one is more stonehearth style

… and here we go. Welcome @BorBor to “The Club” ™.

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Currently working on the tier 0 bed, wondering if anybody had any tips on how to colour? I got the colours in Paint but Paint and Qubicle seem to disagree on which colours can exist :crying_cat_face: help?

Well… if you did not change any settings in Qubicle you will have “Shading” turned on and you will still have the standard “Global Light” settings. Both options will have an impact on the way how your color looks like in Qubicle. You can either turn shading off and play around with the light settings… or simply accept it :wink:.

@Newf if you still looking for the wolf model I started replicating it today

I did a scan and did not see any one updating the wolf model so here is the most current wolf model: wolf_temp.qmo(25.4 KB)


wow, nicely done @LunarWolf! :+1:

now, crank out the version with the fearsome jaw, and you earn 2 more internet points… :smile:

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But but…you coloured things, how did you do that? There must be something key that I missed out doing, because Qubicle says that it can’t be the correct hue and the correct amount of red, green and blue. :crying_cat_face:

I tried messing around with the light settings, but they didn’t seem to alter anything in the Colour Picker, colours still had the same set of values.

@Smokestacks … ok, hold on. You mean that you have just the standard colors available in Qubicle and you are not able to add new ones? If yes, take a look into this video starting 6:15. If not, you need to explain me once more what the issue is… sorry :disappointed:.

@LunarWolf Welcome and thanks a lot! If you don’t mind… I have added you to the iniital post as a contributor.

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Actually this video was the one I wanted, from 15:15 you describe the process of copying colours identically, using Paint as a way to directly sample the colours and then taking the values it provides and putting them in the Qubicle Colour Picker. But the problem for me is that those values simply don’t translate. I have a colour that is R200 G160 B53 H29 in Paint but in Qubicle it won’t allow me to input those values, as whenever I get the RGB right and try to change the hue, it changes the green and blue values. So I can’t do the colour translation between Paint and Qubicle.

And of course, I now realise that I don’t need to mess with Hue, Saturation or Lum(ination?), Qubicle and Paint just gives them different values for odd reasons. The only thing I need is the right RGB value and I’ve checked and that works. /noobmodeoff

Thanks for the help though :smile:

Edit: With noobishness turned off, the model was coloured and here we are: Tier 0 Bed.qmo(3.9 KB)