Unknown event not happening

I had A event with some creature being attacked by skeletons while he was in some ruined fort, the game crashed while this happened, but since then the event has not happened again. how do I get this event?

This is the “dragon king” event. Once you meet a certain requirement (I think it’s town tier 2?), it has a random chance to start every day until it happens, so it’s likely that when your game crashed it set you back to an earlier save from before the event had triggered. Now, you’re back to waiting for that random chance to go off again.

A quick note about this event: it’s kinda tricky, since the skeletons are very powerful and there’s a reasonable chance that the event will happen when you don’t have a strong army to take them on with. The key to winning is to distract the smaller enemies, and then focus attacks on the big skeleton before it can break down the door. If the door gets broken, however, there’s no way to re-try the event unless you have a save from after the event has started. A good strategy is to split your soldiers into 2 parties: have at least a knight and preferably a cleric and an archer in one, and put all your footmen and other archers in another. Send the knight party in to draw aggro from all the smaller enemies, and lead them away – don’t try to fight, just distract them for now. Then, send your second party to rush the big skeleton and take it out before it can break the door. Once the big skelly is down, the door can’t be broken, so you have plenty of time to slowly pick off the other enemies. If you can, it’s best to give your archers spiky quivers so that the enemies are slowed and can’t chase your bait party as effectively. You might want to use some fire arrows on the big skelly, but when it starts to chase your footmen or archers from the second party you might want to switch back to spiky arrows every so often so that you can keep the big skelly slowed too.