Unknown Crash Reason Bug (Possibly AMD Driver Bug)

I have found a bug that (it seems) when I order two actions at a time (ex. chopping wood gather berries, or move something to a stockpile and chop wood, or even just placing a stockpile while somone is just moving randomly)the game crashes. It has no error messages, the game just crashes. It makes it pretty difficult to play the game. It would be appreciated if you guys could take a look at it. Thanks! :smiley: P.S. Please notify me if this bug has already been reported.

Version: The latest Alpha 5

Expected Results: The orders should be stored for later

Result: Game crashes

I have a Windows 7 64 bit

Note: I am not sure if me giving multiple orders is the bug

Steps to Reproduce: Give multiple orders at a time

Hope this info helps, couldn’t find an installation folder. I did find a crash reporter which for whatever reason I can’t run.

Driver: (I think this might be the problem) AMD Radeon HD 7700 Series

EDIT: I’m not even sure if this is the problem anymore, because the game sometimes just crashes when my workers are just moving wood.


hey there @emanf9… could you perhaps provide some specific repro steps that consistently trigger this particular event/bug?

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There is a log in your installation directory you should read and provide us with the details :smiley:

Thanks for the advice, please tell me if any other info might be needed.

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