Instability on AMD System/GPU

I have an AMD A10-5700 processor and a R7 260x GPU and Stonehearth seems to take it down pretty well.
No problems on my Nvidia machine. I’m on the steam dev build (alpha 5).

It seems to happen when I designate a large number of things for harvesting.
This might be my system, but if anyone else has the issues I’m only seeing this on AMD hardware.

Sometimes it crashes the entire driver but stays running (withstands the crash) and sometimes it crashes with the driver.


I have thhis too, whenever i designate multiple orders, the game crashes

It’s worth mentioning it’s fairly inconsistent.

Are you on the latest AMD drivers? What kind of resolution/detail settings do you run at?

Latest AMD Driver (not beta, latest stable).
I’m running at moderate settings:
4x MSAA? (“a little more”)
Shadow Detail (“a little more”)
Draw Distance: 1000
Fullscreen on

I played around and it looks like turning down shadows/msaa did a lot to improve stability.

Just bought this game for my little brother, and we see a very similar problem. We also have an AMD A10-5700 processor with a AMD 7660D GPU and similar settings as @Plasmarobo, and we have updated to the latest stable driver available today. We have tried different graphical settings and with/without fullscreen.

We seem to be hitting a sever driver issue, as the entire computer freezes; keyboard and mouse stops working and a hard reboot is required.

Steps to reproduce for us:

  • Load any save-game
  • Run until the first pop-up appears

With popup I refer to the in-game messages. E.g. the Daily update. PS! It used to work for us, so the issues seams to manifest itself after you play for a while.