Um why idle you have work to do herthingsa

havent a clue whats goign on
Steps to reproduce:

  1. start game
  2. place structures
    3)defend from attack

Expected Results:
after defending hearthigns should return to there duties
Actual Results:



Version Number and Mods in use:
latest branch steam no mods
System Information:
win 10 24 gb ram nvidia gtx 980 titan gpu amd fx 6300 6 core cpu

EDIT after placing down a crate and having them put resources in it they returned to there jobs but why didnt they just take stuff off the ground like they were doing before we got attacked

Typically this is a memory issue and is caused by your system not being able to keep up. Save and load should fix it.

Your specs look good though, so i’m not sure…

your save and reload trick worked but i hope thats only temprary and im still confused on why they didnt just use what on the ground they shouldent need a crater with materials in it and proved they dont by building 80% of each structruee pre crate placement

Yeah, this is happening on my machine as well - and only after this latest patch. I thought it was because I was canceling mining zones, but I think its just happening randomly. Here is my post:

and im having to do the save and reload thing once every half hour so it is confirmed that is is a bug @jomaxro please get this to the proper department to be delt with confirmed happening in alpha 16 and alpha 15

I have this too, but reloading won’t work. And it’s on some specific things. I made a report for it.

Hey @dutchuss2016, if you could upload the save where this is occurring, that would be helpful. Then I can direct the save to a dev to take a look!

i no longer have the save i am attemting to recreate the bug in multipule saves