[UI] control (send) individual heartlings

Simple wish:

  • right-cklicking somewhere in the world sends the selected heartling there
  • optional: after arriving there reset its task list and look for the nearest task at hand

this should not be soo hard to code, and I dont see any possible bugs…

Note: there are other discussions about control groups and whatever, please keep this thread to the simple functionality mentioned in the subject.

Like the pathfinding after arriving ?
The game wants to give group tasks. If there’s no bug concerning the pathfinding or idling, the sending would be useless. However, I don’t know if the developers planned this.

maybe I should take that “optional” from “optional: after arriving there reset its task list and look for the nearest task at hand” away…
it would allow a littlt “please do that over there first” =)

OR it could be like a “prioritize area” marquee. Like when selecting where to farm there could maybe be a prioritize area square.

there was actually a control like this being made by @sdee for “party’s” in one of the streams (can’t remember which one) where you could tell party’s to “go here”, basically an upgrade to the current party controls.


Is it still in your boxes or abandoned ?

This was possible with the first implementation of the trapper, but was discarded in the end (it was only for the trapper).
As @8BitCrab says, we might see something similar soon for combat classes.

Also, there’s this recent mod from @Wiese2007:

But for combat classes too, so not for the functionality you mentioned :sweat:

If you have too many hearthlings, it would be too much micro-managing.


ohh yes i remember the trapper xD i have hate him so much - complete micromanaging of him (go here set a trapper there etc. ) :wink: every stream i have asked if they plan todo this for everyone or can remove this - and have feared the answers :laughing: