Heartlings needs more control

Sometimes my heartlings queue things in the worst possible way.
Alot of the times its a ladder i need removed before enemies gets to it and the heartling furthers away takes the job.
Or a heartling just wanna do something else first. Its annoying as hell.

I would really like to be able to tell a heartling. Do this. Now!

Would make it so much easier to keep my settlement alive.
Specially when some of the things is emergency related and needs to be done quickly.

Also needs more options for what the citizens are allowed to do with all job types.
Like cooks can farm too. But both go under job.
I want to be able to tell the cook to no farm at all.

Need to be able to tell all citizens where to go.
Sometimes they just walk right into enemies and i have no way of telling them to stop.
They just wanna collect an recourse i cant tell them to just forget about… Sometimes that causes them to die by the hand of the enemy.

Might update if i have more.


When you hit the Town Defense button, all non-military hearthlings run to your town flag and do not keep collecting loot or materials or whatever. As long as the fight is not within your town they would be safe.

About the cook, as far as I have experienced, the cook will not work on the farms unless there is no work queued for it. It must have finished your food orders.

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Yea. But when the enemies havent reached the ladder yet. I can still remove it and hinder them.
Thats the problem. Instead of a close one just taking it down. They just either do something else first and then wanna go. Or one far away tries to go there.
I need to put a specific heartling on the job usually. A close one.
Retreating them isnt always a solution.

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Sometimes you just have that one hearthling that really needs to go pick up a rock on the other side of the map, even if it means running through enemy infested territory to do so.


@Valar totally! I mean what if that stone reminded him of his anniversary today and he needs to get it for his wife!

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Radiant. Have you seen my feedback here?