Two stories and an interior stairway

Tried to make this building:

Got this issue when I tried to build:

But I did try to do this, interior stairs with second story floor section taken away to allow access:

Hearthlings won’t even start the build, too ambitious? Maybe!

It might be the outcropping, the same part with the front door. There doesn’t seem to be any wall between the posts, which might be spitting errors at you.

Another thing might be when you cut the hole in the second floor. Was this the last thing you did? Sometimes the building system freaks out when a floor is altered and then later revisions to the rest of the structure are made.

(I think the first possibility is the more likely culprit, normally you can see the system acting weird if it’s the second–unusual ceilings or walls, for example. Try building it again with the door portion one voxel farther out than the rest of the structure.)

The third possibility…did you already make stairs, and if so, with what tool? (I can’t tell from the picture) I’d recommend making the hole for the stairs with the structure, but make the actual stairs with the slab tool afterwards.

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Might be on to something but taking a while to finish off but just might of found a work around…

Did it all in one go with the construction tool, used the middle floor slab tool for the stairs. I cut the floor away while making the blueprint. Not yet finished with above post though… (edit) Plan one did not work but trying again…

Right got this:

Managed to do this by making a blueprint of a 2 story house with full flooring on the upper floor, no gap and no stairs. I then started the build… Once the hearthlings had finished the ground floor flooring I paused the game. I then entered build mode and edited the blueprint, using the eraser tool on the floor section I deleted a 3x7 section of the upper floor and used the slab tool to make the stairs. The reason I failed earlier was I tried using the slab tool once the whole building was complete, even though I made the gap before work started on the upper floor.
I’ll see tomorrow if hearthlings can make their way up the stairs once the whole building is complete or will they “bump” into the upper floor while ascending. (I’m in the UK so time is getting on and work in the morning).