Dev 2534 two-story build bug

I began construction on a two story building. “L” shaped with a 4 block overhang at the front and a slab staircase going to the second story door. The hearthlings laid the floor as usual and then moved on to the slab staircase. They finished the slab staircase and 4 hearthlings immediately began constructing the second floor while a single worker began on the first floor. The second floor being in place prevented construction of some sections of the first floor walls.

System: Win7 home premium x64
intel core i7 @2.4GHz
Nvidia GT650M

The biulding schematic

The constructed sections

Missing first floor sections


yes i know the problem. Dont construct a stair… the guy build the stairs and continue on the second floor before endding the first lvl of wall.


I can confirm this, sorry I lost my pic for this :frowning:

Yep, Im still having the same issues.