Two songs playing at once

Alright, I’ve seen lot’s of Stonehearth bugs. Heck I have a folder full of bug screenshots, but never have I encountered a bug like this. It’s two of the songs playing at the same time, and it skips a lot/glitches out. It sounds like the night theme and the day theme. I currently have no way of recording this event. I apologize, and I hope you will look into this. Thank you for your time.

Could you provide more information such as: When did this bug start? Have any error messages popped up? Is the skipping consistent or sporadic?

Of course @NobodyPro . This bug started about 10 minutes into a new kingdom. No error messages popped up. And the skipping is sporadic. It seems to happen more when I minimize the game.

Does it happen when you open the ‘Esc’ menu?

Sometimes. Mostly when I minimize the game. This isn’t happening on my new world though.

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