Two handed weapons: A gamechanger

I was thinking. Perhaps that, when we get the option to organize bed usage, we should also have the option to choose who gets what weapons? After all, you may make 2 two-handed swords, and then two random hearthlings just grab them. Personally, I don’t like that. I say you should be able to choose what weapons and armor your footmen use. For example, I have 2 footmen. I want one to be a tank and the other to be light+swift on her feet. This is where weapon choice comes in handy. I’d equip one with heavy steel armor, and a hefty iron mace (which should probably take 2 hands and do more damage in the future), while I’d equip the other with leather armor, a wooden buckler, and a steel shortsword, to make sure she’s swift yet deadly. Rather than the “light” one grabbing a steel shortsword, steel armor, and a wood buckler, and my “tank” grabbing the leather armor and mace.
Tell me guys what you think, and I’ll see yall later!


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