Trees they make things hard to see

There should be a button which flattens trees similar to houses. Or maybe the flatten houses button should flatten trees.

Many a solider dies because its hard to monitor their health during a battle in the middle of trees.


There is a topic ongoing about making health be visible over terrain

Well, it’s not only about health. Many times I find myself struggling against trees while editing buildings, so I end up slaughtering entire forests because some trees obscure my view.

It’d be nice to have a “flatten trees” option.


It can also be really hard to even spot enemies that are camped out in a forest, which lets them build up numbers and launch far more dangerous attacks than if you’d seen them ahead of time and cleaned them out. I honestly had to cut down swathes of forest for one village just to keep the borders safe. Which…caused some awkwardness.

There’s a ton of wood hidden under the loot tooltips, and just as many on the opposite side of town. My hearthings’ tendency to put a low priority on collecting items outside the main village gets funny sometimes.

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