Travelers, workforce, shinobi, buildings and other classes

I have no idea how to begin this so im just going to write down some ideas.

Travelers: may pass through the village and visit the inn or shop(if added) giving you more money. However some travelers are actully shinobi/thiefs and stelas from you during the night. You can order a guardian to keep an eye on them. If they are just a normal traveler they may also like your village and ask to join them. But this wont happen if you constantly have a guard watching them.

Workforce. You may be visited by a group of people that will offer their services for gold.
It can be footmen, workers, masons etc
They(or some of them) may join your village if they like it.

Taverns and other recuitment buildings.
This is a suggestion how you can aquire these more directly. They van be found in the wild and/or along roads.

In taverns you can find workforce and disguisers(explained later).

In Goblin huts you can find goblin mercenaries, as sugested in my “Warfare suggestions”(can’t link not on computer).

In druid trees you can find a “rabbit man” druid.

In dojos you can find shinobi and samurai.

In dwarven outposts you can find dwarven smiths, masons, warriors. They are all very expensive.

In a building I can’t come up with a good name. You can hire politicians. And agents.

Class explanination:
All classes mentioned are hired for gold and may join the village with the exception of goblin mercenaries, disguisers, politicians, agents and shinobi.

Disguisers: Theese are more multiplayer
based. When you hire them they will disguise them selfs as travelers and head to an enemy player town. Then you can either make them:
Steal stuff
Turn into a soldier when orderd. Very usefull when attacking enemy town. You can give them equipment.

Goblin mercenaries.
They are very basic. Pay them and they will attack a enemy town.
They have two ways of attacking.
Icongnito: if you hower over them they will be refferd to as goblins. The other player will not be able to trace them back to you.
Full out attack: They will use your banner and use better equipment that you can give them. If the attack fails the defending town will get a slight attack bonus for a limited time(only when attacking your town).
And merchants wont be to happy to trade with you.

A rabbit druid will use spells that significantly increases the speed of how fast crops grow, and animals wont attack you.
However they will only take certain rare herbs, and will quikly leave the village if you constantly cut down trees. And as revenge for the trees you may have a vitsit from some wolves and bears.

The samurai is basicly a warrior but he will leave if he sees your methods dishonorable.

Shinobis can discover disguisers, politicians using more “refiend” methods. However when a citesen witness a shinobi beating John the traveler they will missunderstand the situation and will loss moral and attack(depending on courage) the shinobi. And a shinobi can’t handle her/himself in a fight. It might end with a wounded shinobi and a dead villager thinking he was protecting your village.

The dwarves are the best of the best. But very expensive. Together a warrior, mason and blacksmith cost 1000 a day. And if you attack a dwarf, you die. They will help their brother/sister and go berserk mode.

Politicians will go into other towns and convince the villagers that your town is the best and this town sucks. Make sure tht they always have something to do. Because when their not convincing people to join your town they will convince people to join them.
There are two ways to get rid of them. Just order your guards to kill him, wich will make your villagers angry. Or find evidence that they are really after. By using your guards or the superior shinobi. They either have evidence on their body, the place they are staying at, or he may hire a disguiser(depending on level)
that has been entrusted with the evidence.

Agents can be aquired through promotion but that takes time.
They will gather information of what is happening around the world.
It can be something like:
Artefact found in location
Titan sighted/heading to
Goblin army heading to/ attacked
Inn has disguisers for hire

Or for some extra coin you can aquire information directly.

That should cover everything. I am writing on a phone with a crack so there is plenty of grammaticall issues that the administrators are free to fix.

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