More Character Roles, Buildings, Weapons

It would be cool to see new roles, weapons, buildings in the game. Something like:

  1. An assassin
    -They are fast, but weak. These assassins come in black hooded clothing and are strongest at night
  2. Horses
    -Can be ridden at anytime to increase the speed of the rider to get to places faster. Different horses come with different speeds.
    3)Crossbow men
    -Similar to the archer but deal more damage
  3. Longbow men
    -Similar to the Crossbow men but deal more damage and have greater range
  4. Swiss Pikemen
    -They are intelligent. They have increased range with a spear
  5. A priest
    -Requires a podium, increases the morale of the citizens, increases work speed (Slightly)
  6. Hunter
    -Similar to the trapper but has a set region that he hunts in, kills animals and loots their meat/hide
  7. Banker
    -A Banker stores the gold and the ingots safely, can still be looted but doors must be destroyed. Can be used for players/caravans to trade their goods for gold. (The Banker may ONLY work WHEN the caravans are no longer a dialog
  8. Trader
    -Similar to the banker but trades items for other items. (Possible add the ability to trade animals for items and Vice Versa)
  9. Mercenary
    -Can be hired to attack other players/monsters. Each Mercenary can have different weapons and armor
  10. Guard Tower
    -Can hold up to 4 Long range Soldiers. Defends an increase range of area
  11. Church
    -For the preacher, holds one preacher. Holds one podium
  12. Military Training Building
    -Increases a Military Soldier level up by 3 levels.
  13. Halberd
  14. Crossbow
  15. Long sword
  16. Long bow
  17. Pike
  18. Warhammer
  19. Katar
  20. Sai
    -For the Assassin
  21. Axe
  22. Katana
    -For the Assassin

These are just my ideas that I think would be cool to add. I hope that you find these interesting.
Thank you for reading these ideas!

Hmm, some ideas are interesting while others have in my opinion only a slim chance of implementation.
Especially the idea of training your hearthlings in the military up to a defined level should be considered as for now in the later game on hard difficulty new promoted footmen have sometimes a hard time surviving battles if not precisely coordinated (mainly against ogres with AoE damage and kobold archers).
A broader range of weapons isn’t really needed regarding the gameplay but would be nonetheless nice.
In regards to most of your suggested classes I would have to slightly disagree, mostly for the military-related ones.
The classes are either limited in their use for a game with never over 50 hearthlings through overspecialization like the assassin as a glass cannon with bad survivability in the larger battles on hard mode or they could be implemented in the existing classes.
Instead of creating new classes for crossbowmen and pikemen a possibility to specialize the existing classes of archer and footman could be realized. That way the way to play the hearthlings (and maybe also abilities) would be different through specializing them and also those specializations could be more final because trained abilities can’t changed back while classe can be changed (more planning required)
The mercenery would be in my opinion a detrimental option, because the way most towns evolve in the gameplay at the moment. In the first stages the method of paying much gold to defend the town is too expensive in comparison to use your hearthlings as a militia and later on, when the town has reached the maximum of hearthlings, the gold piles up and looses its value to hold on it, which could lead to an inflation to the military strength and a loss of difficulty.

Sorry that I have to critize here, but that would be my opinion to your ideas and I’m always open to further discussions if you disagree or have something to add.

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No I really appreciate your criticism. The roles of the pikemen were what you meant. I should have spoken better of what I meant but what you said is what I meant. Using a pike makes them considered a pikemen. As well with the crossbow, halberd, etc. Thank you for letting me know what you think because that sort of lets me know what other people are looking for so I can understand what to expect. I am not too aware of what will be or a thought of being added as I have only known this game for a little more than a week now. I guess what i was suggesting seemed to be a bit more serious of the gameplay. Now that i think of it, what I was stating with the military, after I read your opinion of course, that it seemed a bit more of a dream than what could be a reality. I do agree with what you have stated.Thank you for replying!

“3)Crossbow men
-Similar to the archer but deal more damage
4) Longbow men
-Similar to the Crossbow men but deal more damage and have greater range”

instead of this I think the devs mentioned when creating archers that the specifically designed them to be line-of-sight. It would be interesting if they made longbows into non-line-of-sight, so they are a unit that can shoot at high angles over walls, via commands and otherwise are just a longer ranged archer, that is less accurate. balance is a must, everything has a downside.

as for crossbows I would like them to have to actually reload the bows and have piercing bolts that can reliably, though not always, go thru an armored unit, but still only deals relatively same damage as it would if the armor was lower. however on unit that it over pens it would do more damage than usual. the idea here is weaker mobs usually roam in packs and crossbows would be bad simple because they outnumber you too much to reload to shoot them all, but a single strong armored unit won’t be damaged enough by normal bows

As for the other ideas, some are very specific and really game changing, might be more suited as a mod, or developed much farther down the line.

as for weapons those are pretty easy to add to the game as a mod if I’m not mistaken?

The idea with indirect fire isn’t bad, I only think that would be a nightmare to program.
Do you mean that only crossbows should be piercing and ignoring armor or that they should ignor it to 100% instead of the 50% a higher lvl archer has now?
And yes waepons are able to be implemented via mod but that is still first: a not small work to do if you haven’t modded before and second: not official and thereof unstable against some changes of the game.

I didn’t know the exact way archers currently work, but yeah I would assume the extra penetration would add to the next 51-100% and maybe crit and one shot weaker mobs if over-penned?

the idea behind crossbowmen would be that you kind of need a tank, or a wall, and quite a few of them for them to work well against mobs, it would be the ultimate defensive unit for stronger monsters, as long as you can keep them in range, alive and reloading.

I feel that archers are more about keeping people at max range and kiting enemies, slowly grinding down their hp. Crossbowmen couldn’t kite people as they would have to stop, stand still, and reload or run away without a loaded crossbow. purely for party fighting / defense only

I mentioned the bit about the over-the-wall shooting for the Longbowmen and it would take player interaction simple targeting something over a wall that is within line of sight of one of your other hearthlings, otherwise they would act as a normal archer, but with decreasing accuracy with longer ranges and higher angles, due to wind etc

so thinking of this simply if a friendly hearthling is within range of an enemy and in range of a longbowmen then the longbowman range/angle shot is increased up to a max value and has a chance of missing the target or hitting a place where the mob has less armor than usual, so its still better than a standard archer, and is different than shotting them head on through the armor. this wouldn’t work if they were close range. so these both would be specialty defensive units / attacking units if in a group

Yes, a crossbow should deal more damage than a bow but the archers still have a high damageoutput in the game. Highest weapon damage, second highest ability bonus to damage and ignoring 50% armor of enemies make them the main damagedealer.
And although kiting is possible I’m using them mainly as crowd control in defenses. A bounus of the firearrows is, next to the additional damage, that burning enemies rout while they’re burning and don’t deal damage. Perfect way to negate enemy archers from a group fight.

damage is something that can be changed easily

being highest damage seems very innacurate imo, weren’t archers mostly used to hit weak points and soft spots? more of a disabler than a damager, I would rather they slowed the people they shot at and did a lot less damage and didn’t kite as well then this would all make a lot more sense. a melee weapon does massively more damage than a single arrow

this would make waiting to engage an enemy have more strategic value and its not about the damage the shot is doing its about how well that first shot disables the target in its current terrible position and keeping it there for the next shot and the next shot

Yeah well, history is not always perfect realized in a game. At least at the moment archers are ranged damagedealers with crowd control (spiky arrows=slow, fire arrows= add. damage + burning) knights are tanks although the aggro control of knights doesn’t semm to work all to well at the moment. And footmen are melee damagedealers.
Im satisfied with this composition and archers were used as skirmishers for kiting, although not as much as slingshots and spearthrowers.