Transportation Idea : Bicycle

I was busy rolling new maps and noticing a lot of really interesting areas but they were too far from resources to make them an option. The problem being the time it takes a hearthling to commute to the resource site and back to camp. Trying to keep with the theme of lower tech and something a hearthling could use without support like a horse and carriage…Bicycles! A craftsman would produce them like any other item and store them in a stockpile until needed. When a hearthling gets a task past a certain distance from the main camp, they could get a bicycle from the stockpile, transfered to backpack like a regular item when not in use (ie-picking up items) and speeds the return time to drop off. When the hearthling is done with the task, they can return the bicycle to the stockpile and unload the retrieved items

love the idea, but it doesn’t really mesh with the SH universe (imo)…
would definitely love to see some form of transport though!

waits patiently for [animal]-drawn carriages:+1:


In that case, Sheep-drawn Carriage for materials transport and Sheep-drawn chariots for commuting!


though i too love the idea, i’m not sure it fits with the medieval/fantasy timeline of SH.

when i first read that i thought you meant a sketch of a carriage…


That yes, the bicycle no way! There is no circles in SH universe, how the hell could a square wheel do the job???


…but but but…I saw it on mythbusters!

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sheep-drawn? naah
bunny or raccoon-drawn would be faster as they are more energetic :smiley:

as for the bicycle… the square wheel argument has a point ^^

well your arguments are slightly invalid, because the carts/wagons are going to have square wheels…

i’ll just leave now… :no_mouth:


Lol, then can wait to see the animations, will be funny! :smile: