Transparent armor?

I’m currently trying to make an armor that will basically tattoos for the hearthlings, But I can’t seem to figure out a good way to do it. Since armor replaces the Hearthling Torso when it’s equipped is there anyway to tell an armor to load ontop of? I know there’s merge_with_model as an option, what are the other options? Is there a list by chance?

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Here’s an example of what I would like to see

But in-game results as this because it replaces the torso

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Nevermind I reread and saw its spose to be tattoos lol

If I could check for skintones of the Hearthling then I could add model variants for each skin tone but sadly you cannot(as far as I’m aware). :frowning:

Look how good that would look!

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i’m pretty sure there’s a “transparent” tag you can set to true, which will make it so the armor doesnt replace the body but just loads on top of it… at least there’s that tag for headgear (hence why the circlets work)

then again i havent really looked at modding for awhile so something might have changed…

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It’ll work for armour too!

Considering that armour(like iron) have gloves that only cover half of the fingers and workeroutfits and such still have skin inside and don’t have model variants

@8BitCrab @Hyrule_Symbol

Problem is that you get problems with feet/boots. Since boots are generally smaller than the bare feet of hearthlings :frowning:

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Possibly fixed. Tattoos looking pretty cool.

Made the female variant… Doesn’t look terrible, I might change the helmets a bit cause they’re kinda bulky.

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Uh… I remember CSIng a Twitch stream once, and maybe, just maybe, NA might have tattoos.
But not sure, since most of the info we have about them is that their worker suit will probably be blue, and that they will go in the arctic biome.

And yes, before the transparent tech arrived, the two options for models were ‘merge_with_model’ and ‘attach_to_bone’.

I talked to Linda, but i think this is what I’ll have to settle for now.

My main problem is that the “Torso” piece of Hearthlings encompasses their torso, hands, arms, boots, and pants.

I want to overlay tattoos on the Hearthlings torso with the transparent setting, but I don’t really care for the pants/feet to not be replaced :confused:

Since the Hearthling’s feet on the male body are for some reason pointed whereas the females are not so I had to make the boots 1 longer than I’d like to cover that up. And since there’s that loin-cloth looking thing on the naked Hearthlings waist I had to make the pants bigger than I’d like to cover that up as well. Struggles, but it’s good enough for now.