Armors - Skin auto color

Hey, guys.

Well, my suggestion is to set a specific color to fill the color of hearthlings’ skin.
Don’t you understood? Ok, I’ll simplificate xD

I’m creating some mods with armors to the game and unfortunatly isnt possible to make an “open armor”. For example, instead create a armor for all the torso, just create part of it, and if we just create that half part and delete the other half, the hearthling will stay with that part missing '-'
In trove, for example, exists a code with colors that make a chrome color, luminous color and etc. So I think that the staff could make a specific color to auto fill the skin of the hearthling, because have a some skin colors that is diferent (of course).
So, maybe a red (255,0,0)

PS: If this exists, please, let me know xD

See ya =)

It is in the .json files for your armor. Something related to transparency, can’t remember now…


Oh, I found it, is “transparent”: “false”, but what comes here? A specific HEX color?

I think it’s just that. It decides whether to remove the naked body below or not. So don’t include skin parts on your model, just the clothes.


So, let me know if I understood. If I put a red color on my outfit, like #FF0000 and put a “transparent”: “#FF0000”, the part that is red will be transparent and will show the skin?

No you just don’t add voxels to that part. It will only add the voxels, so you don’t need to add skin into your armor. It will work simple as an overlay.

Oh, “transparent”:“true” is what you need to have the voxels work as overlay instead of replacing everything.


This is what I tried to do xD
Or I’m making this wrong x.x
I made a female version for an armor and I deleted the sides of the torso and I just let the middle, but in game the sides still missing. Maybe I need to turn transparency true?

Edit: Worked, thank you, man =)