Translation problems

Hi guys.
I open this topic because i have a huge problem about translation mod i created.
This mod is for the old version (before Alpha 18) and i saw on stonehearth website that they changed the way to create it.
I read the instructions the gave to us but i didn’t understand almost anything…the only thing I understood was that they changed some words/codes in the strings of the file.

What I have to change from the old mod to the new one to make it works properly?

This is the content of the added_language.json file:

“languages”: {
“it-IT”: {
“display_name”: “Italiano”

and this is the content of the manifest.json file:

“info”: {
“name”: “Italian translation”,
“version”: 3

"ui": {
	"less": [
	"js": [

"mixintos": {
	"stonehearth/locales/supported_languages.json": "file(added_languages.json)",
    "rayyas_children/locales/it.json": "file(translations/rayyas_children/it.json)",
	"stonehearth/locales/it.json": "file(translations/stonehearth/jobs.json)",
	"stonehearth/locales/it.json": "file(translations/candledark/candledark.json)"
"overrides": {
	"stonehearth/locales/it-IT.json": "file(translations/stonehearth/it-IT.json)",
	"rayyas_children/locales/it-IT.json": "file(translations/rayyas_children/it.json)",
	"stonehearth/services/server/population/data/ascendancy_population.json": "file(translations/stonehearth/population/ascendancy_population.json)",
	"stonehearth/services/server/population/data/goblin_population.json": "file(translations/stonehearth/population/goblin_population.json)",
	"stonehearth/services/server/population/data/undead_population.json": "file(translations/stonehearth/population/undead_population.json)",

	"frostfeast/locales/it.json": "file(translations/frostfeast/frostfeast.json)"



hey there @cavoch, welcome to the discourse :smile:

i don’t know much about the translation (or A18 modding) stuff, so i’ll page @Wiese2007 or “master translator” for you :slight_smile:

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From what I know all a translation mod needed to change was the version, which you already did (version 3).
What exactly is the problem?
It is not showing as a language in the options, or changes nothing when used?

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heyho i was called xD

at first yes version 3 - its the only change for the manifest.

and then they have added an override system in the files - so that you dont need to check every little content just your translated parts

for example:


before update this file contains all infos

“type”: “kingdom”,
“display_name”: “i18n(stonehearth:data.population.ascendancy.display_name)”,
“kingdom_id”: “ascendancy”,
“favored_biome”: “stonehearth:biome:temperate”,
“quote”: “i18n(stonehearth:data.population.ascendancy.quote)”,
“description”: “i18n(stonehearth:data.population.ascendancy.description)”,
“post_selection_description”: “i18n(stonehearth:data.population.ascendancy.post_selection_description)”,
“image”: “/stonehearth/data/kingdoms/images/ascendancy_400x300.png”,
“story_board_image”: “/stonehearth/data/kingdoms/images/story_board_image.png”,
“starting_talisman”: “stonehearth:carpenter:talisman”,
“job_index”: “stonehearth:jobs:index”,
“inventory_capacity_equation”: “math.max(num_citizens * 150, 1200)”,
“roles”: {
“default”: {
“male”: {
“uri”: [
“given_names”: [
“female”: {
“uri”: [
“given_names”: [

and so on xD

now it only contains at start the infos which lines should be overriden and then the lines:

“town_pieces”: {
“mixintypes”: {
“optional_prefix”: “override”,
“town_name”: “override”,
“suffix”: “override”
“optional_prefix”: [
“town_name”: [

… and so on xD

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Guys, thx for your help.

I don’t know why but i had an update (??) after that my translation mod worked!


Hi again guys!

I have another little problem…about Rayya’s Children.
When i use them their names are ALL ***.

In my manifest.json file i have this:

“rayyas_children/locales/Rc-it.json”: “file(translations/rayyas_children/RC-it.json)”,
“rayyas_children/data/rayyas_children_population.json”: “file(translations/rayyas_children/population/rayyas_children_population.json)”.

In that folder i put the file with this content:

“kingdom_name” : “Rayya’s childern”,
“kingdom_id” : “rayya’s children”,
“roles” : {
“default” : {
“male” : {
“uri” : [
“given_names” : [
“female” : {
“uri” : [
“given_names” : [
“surnames” : [
“town_pieces” : {
“optional_prefix” : [
“town_name” : [
“suffix” : [
“task_groups” : {}

Is it ok or there is something wrong?
If i play the game in english i don’t have this problem so i suppose it is in the mod, but the rayyas_children_population.json file, in english version, even if i copu and paste it in the mod, it doesn’t work.

Oh 1 more thing…i found it right now

The names are *** but in game if i change their names manually it doesn’t work.
Instead if a new villager comes to my village/city, it says the name of the villager in the notification but the yellow name is always ***.

Last thing: the Rayya’s Children Population file has the names and surnames of villagers and city. If villagers names don’t work, why city names work??

could you upload some ingame pics?

This is an example. If u see the name of the villager is ***

And this is the same villager with his real name.

Even if i change the name manually it doesn’t appear…

Oh btw the game is translated in italian, so if u see strange words…they are italians words XD

ok i cant find an issue in your files - can you give me your mod?!BE0j1RhD!Sek-o8jcfaUiStOVtRVD-gMEsCGDNxFNLUViFTtumDM

Here it is

I found the problem for Ascendancy too…

Even new incoming hearthlings has this problem?
I would guess only existing people before you added the translation would get error names because the save file would try to load the old versions.

Sry havent found Time to Check it… I try to Check it when im. Home

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the problem is that the population file of ascendancy and rayyas children worked with the old version. With the new one i didn’t change anything.

And yes, it doesn’t work even with the new hearthlings. It says that name and surname arrived to my village, but in reality his name is *** (everywhere, except in notification)

Have you take a look at this: Important! Modding Changes, August 2016 – Stonehearth
It is a guide showing what modifications we need to add to our mods to make them work with the new version. There is one very specific change that applies to your case with translating names.

ok i have found now time to check it and why there are russian names in the populations files?

“given_names” : [

ok its normal that this will not work , lots of russian translations + font changes for russian etc.

please start from scratch and dont take stuff from other translators ^^ every translator change the ui for their needs ^^

at first just translate en.json from stonehearth and rayyas children and then use the startmod from github ^^

i have the same question… i don’t understand why… but i don’t think the problem is that…i hope…