Transient item in inventory

Hello. r869
Some empty item appeared in my inventory
stonehearth.log (76.7 KB)


I’ve got those too

I wonder if it’s a mod causing it? I remember a recent mod was accidentally duplicating some items which caused some problems with the trackers.

nope, im playing vanila

Did you cancel the crafting order of a workbench at some point? That was already in progress (green background)?

There is a chance that I did.

You also seem to have many transient objects that shouldn’t be there. Thanks for the savefile! I’ll poke the devs to take a look at it.

You are welcome. Anything to make a SH better due deadline :slight_smile:

The blank item in the inventory will be cleaned up in the next release. The transient entities @Relyss mentioned are fine - they are parts of an object pool added in a recent optimization.

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