Training Targets for Footman & Bowman to level up first lvl

Hey there Team Radiant and Community,

i have an Idea how someone could train his Footman and Bowman for the first or first 2 lvls to withstand the Goblins some better. I dont mean this like the “Warrior Training to make it better” Thread!

I mean that you need something to lvl the first lvls of the Footman if you dont want to build up an 5 Hearthling Squad of Footman to defend ur village against 2 Goblins, cause the Goblins are way stronger than earlier.

How about it like a Training Target where the Footman/Bowman earns some XP for only 1 or 2 lvls? However you want it.
Its like reallife, you first will be training against something like wooden targets, then against targets that have some armor and later on you train against one of your friends or trainers 1v1.




This could be the footman’s ‘workbench’

When building things with your crafters, you spend x amount of ‘work units’ to build it (where a work unit is typically a sawing motion or a hammer strike). After each item is crafted, XP is granted.

I guess training could be implemented to take a really long time and give a small amount of XP (10 or so) for each session completed. This would give a quick jump to levels 1 and 2, but would require hard effort to master the skill – essentially being an XP boost between enemy waves for higher level soldiers.

I like the overall idea!

I think this would fit neatly into this topic: