Footmen lvling to 3 before getting to archer

i feel that during the higher lvl in the game it gets very difficult for footmen to lvl especially in hard so i suggest a training dummy of sorts that would allow footmen to get to lvl three you can make it take a few days to lvl but this would help

so in short im suggesting add a training dummy that cna lvl footmen to a max of 3 so they can be moved up otherwise in the high lvls they will get killed fast

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Welcome to the discourse @W4TER_FLE4 !

While a good idea, and a reoccurring suggestion, i don’t find this necessary since in late game, your Heathlings fight so powerful enemies that they level up in no time, the EXP is gained just by being near an combat scene, so if you have a squad that can handle an attack, leveling new guys will be easy, they’ll usually gain 2levels in the first battle

And if your squad can’t handle an attack, well… That usually means you lost the game, wouldn’t expect new soldiers to be able to handle an enemy your well trained soldiers couldn’t