Trading Extremist Deal

Ok I have run into bad trades, horrid trades, down right dirty trades… Those are fine.

However ones like this really takes the cake and asks you to bake more so it can be taken again:

Ok I have gotten trades on the opposite end that are way lower than that. Like the 1 thing for 15 wood before. that would be fine in this instance as a down right dirty trade with it being a large amount for 1 item, but this is… I am not ever sure what to call it. That is beyond worse than trading your soul for enternity of something…

What I am getting at, is I don’t mind there being bad trades, it is just when there is an extremely bad trade I wouldn’t be expecting this far on the extreme side of thing.

Note I am RC, and I start off with that cutter tool. Would be fine for an extra, but… This just reminds me of the goblins gold trade thing that was high price a while back. Not ever run into that goblin one, but have run into a couple of the above trades. Granted the first one was for something else, and the only thing that makes this something on the extreme side of things is that large number for just 1 thing.

Some might want to trade that amount for a single piece of armor or something like that, however it is I guess just something I prefer not too if can be helped. I wouldn’t even want 1 piece of wood for that kind of trade, because it is way too much to make. Yes wood is something right now I am awaiting so that bridge in the picture will finish. ><

Anyway figured I would point that out just in case it was not intended. Regardless I personally don’t think that one should be that high. maybe 1/4 or 1/2 that amount. hence it being a suggestion, to possibly lower it on that kind so it doesn’t seem a bit far fetched…


the amount to give should reflect on what you get…

I have lost track on how silly some of the things are
15 stone chairs for 1 basket of food
I had 30-something of some wood item for one wooden sword as well

never seen anything over 40 myself thoguht

That’s actually mild, I’ve had trades where they wanted 100+ picket fence or picket fence gates for something or other. It usually is the fence stuff that goes into the hundreds for me.


ive had a strange one some time ago. they wanted a trade of 5 stone mauls for 1 stone maul… I wish I got a screen shot of that one :anguished:


yeah, that is got to be the worst. Not seen one like that before. Asking for something that you will be receiving… And really shouldn’t happen, at least in theory.

the 2 I have seen were rare as the first one was 66 of something for something else.

100+ picket fences…O_O Makes me wonder what it was for… That is quite extreme. :open_mouth:

I’ll try to remember to take a screenshot next time. I did attempt it one time for two giant bone axes, just because I hardly ever get it, but alas I failed as I only had 10 to start with and was building my animal pens at the time. That was the only time I felt it was somewhat worth the attempt. It doesn’t happen frequently but I’ve seen it a number of times now and most of the time the trade is just regular stuff.