Trader "Havaard" has no "bolt of leather"

The trader “Havaard’s Fine Fugs and Garmets” has not all items the weaver can build.
For “bolt of leather” is sad, because its an kind of “basic resource” for the weaver were many other items are possible. Think this is one of the items the player likes to buy.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. the the traders offer (screenshot)

Expected Results:
The trader should offer me items i need to buy. (I have to spend my money somehow). The full leather “tech” is not able to speed up with money. This is inconsequent to other “tech/build-trees” (eg. blacksmith minerals or wood).

Actual Results:
see above

more gameplay balance then a technical bug.

the vendor selles very less in general.


Version Number and Mods in use:
develop 2867 x64
decor mod [Mod] Settlement Decor Mod [Download available]

IMO, the traders don’t have fixed offers. Sometimes they may have the items you need, sometimes not.
This time he probably ran out of bolt or it is a bug (@moderators for confirmation)


so it maybe depents on the trader “level” or the progress in my game?
This makes sense. Thanks for answer.

I don’t know if they always sell the same items but it seems logical.
Again, the team should have the seller “pattern” in order to see if he should sell bolts or not.

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i’m gonna say this isn’t a bug, as the traders dont have to carry every item…

also, there is another trader that sells leather, maybe it was the “trapper merchant”…


You are mostly correct. Traders have some fixed items and some random items. Looking at the rug shop json file, you should see the following items:

  • 1 or 2 fur rugs
  • 5-10 threads
  • 5-10 cloth bolts
  • 1-4 random items that are decorations or armor, and are made of cloth by the ascendency

Based on that it would appear that one is not intended to get leather bolts…You would need to see the tannery trader (“Jess Vexed’s Tannery and Wilderness Supplies”) to get leather bolts.


I played with a modded kingdom where the weaver access is super late game, [Mod] (A20) The Bastioneers! More Dangerous (and Mod-Friendly) Than Ever! Help me test for A20!

All bolts that I got was from enemies drops, no merchant ever sold one. I would noticed if they sold cause I had a lot of items in the queue waiting for bolts…
All that in a14, not played with it in a15 yet.

Edit: from jomaxro reply I guess the mod changed the trades then.

You just have a lack of luck :grin:
Thanks for the information.