Help, Merchant Theif!

As I was playing release 240 on Steam, everytime I sold or bought something from the merchant, nothing would appear (No error message pops up or anything, the gold and merchant goods do not appear), So we are letting a rouge Merchant go around taking my wood and not giving me gold… How will I buy stuff from the weaver merchant now?! God knows I’m too lazy to make my own weaver…

Edit: The problem is still happening in Alpha 9, I can’t get any thing from the random traders or merchants… This is really lowing down the playability by a bit…

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yep, i find there isn’t really a point, other than the leather for armor.


Since you can just buy the worker upgraded suit for like 20 gold, you just need to sell 20 wood…

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tihs indeed is quite funny xD

aye, this obviously falls into the “game balance” category of things that will continually be tweaked as folks are able to play for longer (and more elaborate) periods of time… :+1: