Traveling Merchant working for you? dev 2307 x64

All the other types of merchants work fine for me, but the one that asks you to make x amount of stuff for x amount of items isn’t, anyone else getting this also?

Know there is an report for this error but was curious cause I have mods


Its already mentioned as Bug in “Active Bugs” from me :smile: - only infroming you about it

Hope they can fix it easily

Maybe it’s because you have mods? I get them…

I was just curious if this was still an ongoing bug for those who don’t use mods or modified stuff. Like I said, I know there is a bug report already for this.

I don’t use any mods and have started two new games in 2307 and traveling merchants (both traders and the ones you buy/sell from) seem to be working for me so far. That’s not to say a queue’d job completion to give 6 swords for 2 plushies didn’t just vanish when the time was up… that did happen and I think that’s an older bug?

Yep, it’s reported, thanks for posting, good to know my edits didn’t cause it.

What use are those stuffed toys in-game anyway? I’ve never built one.

They are just a decoration (for now at least)

Just so you know, the latest update is on 2310 dev build. if your wanting to update.

In the future, your villagers will not just stand idle, when nothing is going on.
these will be something to keep them busy, like other things that come in future builds :smile:

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[quote=“micheal_handy76_mh, post:9, topic:11083”]
Just so you know, the latest update is on 2310 dev build. if your wanting to update.[/quote]

Yep we figured that out right after I posted and tried to play and noticed old save was incompatible again. Steam on auto update now so I’m getting them. Quick updates!