Trader "Buy ALL Items" Button

Im at a point where I only have Hearthlings crafting things.(~15 Mason/~15 Miner to get stone, rest are military or worker class)
I need to buy tons of food for my ~50 hearthlings, since I produce 0 food myself. It takes really long to buy so many different items+ I need to buy them each week again. SO could a “Buy ALL Items” button be added? To make it “safe” you could add a warning, like “Do you really want to buy all Items” or something like that.


What if, after buying all of an item in a given category, the next (or first) listed item in that category gets automatically selected? You’d still have to spam Buy All, but you wouldn’t have to keep moving your mouse and selecting the next item, and you wouldn’t buy extra unwanted things if the vendor also offered something in another category.