Town Lvl 2 does nothing to traders

Getting to town level two does not change anything to the trader.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Complete a town goal.
  2. Summon the trader
  3. Buy something.

Expected Results:
More than stone and wood to buy

Actual Results:
Only can buy stone and wood



Version Number and Mods in use:

System Information:

hmm… i’m guessing by “summon trader” you mean the trading stall ones, yes? if so, i’m not sure that those traders get affected by the lvl2 town, i think it’s just the “ambient traders” that get effected…

maybe @yshan can confirm or deny that for me.

Yes, the trading stalls aren’t effected from the town upgrade. Only the ambient ones are changing and provide for example cooked food. The implementation of the trading stalls had its foundation in the process of limiting the inventory a town can sustain. They are primarily supposed to be a place to sell items (or to buy wood as Rayya’s children)

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This is not a bug you can close it.

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