Town goals disappear

I choose the town crafter route.
After I completed one goal the 2nd one. Then I was not able to complete any more.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Selecte crafter town
  2. Finish stone object
  3. Check that you finished it and have correct town value
  4. Cannot check town value any more

Expected Results:
I expect to be able to check the goals multiple times.

Actual Results:
I can only check it once.



Version Number and Mods in use:

System Information:

Hello @leetcat. You don’t need to complete the three goals in order to progress.

You only need to complete one of them (but you can do the three if you want) in order to qualify for town tier 2 rewards.

Even if you craft the three and reach the maximum net worth for the three, the rewards are going to be the same for this specific quest (tier 2). The goals represent different ways to gain town level (by gathering a big army, crafting, or producing goods).

I understand thank you.

The current method is very confusing. It presents 3 ways to get town tier 2 each one seemingly more difficult than the next. Also when you select the goal it puts a check mark next to each item. Maybe putting ‘or’ in the picture to indicate that you do not want to complete each task.

Also how do I keep my tailor from using the skin from that special beast, starts with V something and looks like a caterpillar? It is needed to complete the goal but if he uses it then I cannot complete the quest and have to wait for another to spawn which in late game they do not seem to do that often.

I’ve informed the devs about the confusion.

The varanus skin, yes. Allegedly they’ve made the encounters more frequent, since it’s used in several recipes, but I guess you could drop the orders that are going to use it until you craft the fountain? =S

I don’t know of a better way. Perhaps this request could be under the suggestion category. But I think that the skin isn’t used as a fiber or cloth resource, just in the recipes that specifically need that item.

I am pretty sure the skin is used in making leather cloth. Someone else correct me if I am wrong.

I know it’s used for one of the Herbalist recipes, but for the weaver I can’t seem to find anything :sweat:
The leather is made from pelt, not varanus skin. I had skin in a stockpile when I took this screenshot

Thanks! Will make note of that in future.