"Town Items Full" when there's plenty of free space

Summary: Just built a storage barn with 5 floors, each with 48 stone chest each (total of 240 stone chests, total capacity of 15360 items), but I still get the warning “Town Items Full” whenever I have 3900 items in my town’s inventory.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Overkill with storage;
  2. Calculate expected results (15360 items);
  3. Check values shown on the Town Overview (3900 items);
  4. Have huge amounts of free space for items, but any of it is usable;

Expected Results: Being able to use all the storage I build if the chests can store items.

Actual Results: Use only 4% of the total storage space you actually have.

Attachments: All chests have “All” checked, but there’s almost 4 floors of empty chests.

Version Number and Mods in use: Alpha 24+, Better Storage, Box Command Tool, Crafter Queue, Miner Profession and Pale Peaks.

There’s a limit on the total number of items you can have, per-hearthling, and global for performance reasons. You can see it in the inventory tab of the town overview menu. In the next unstable release, there will be an option in the settings menu to enable infinite inventory (and accept any resulting performance issues).