Too many queued items will remove all items and prevent crafting


I had enough queued items in the Blacksmith crafting orders that there was a scroll button. Attempting to move one order to be deleted by dragging it down to the trash, caused all of the crafting orders to disappear. Any crafting jobs were then also gone, so the blacksmiths stopped working.

Not so bad, I can just queue all of the crafting again. Nope. Clicking on anything to craft, setting the amount or not setting the amount and clicking the hammer does nothing. The selection works, the animations work, but it doesn’t enqueue the order, so nothing will be crafted.

This only affects the Blacksmith. All other menus work.

  1. Removing the workshops does not fix problem.
  2. Closing application and reloading save does not fix the problem.
  3. Reloading earlier save fixes the problem. This appears to suggest that the problem is either corruption of that area in the save.

Steps to reproduce:

I haven’t tried to reproduce the problem. I was going to do so, but I got to playing the game and didn’t want to corrupt the game again. These steps are from what happened when I the problem happened. There might be separate conditions that I haven’t been able to test.

  1. Fill blacksmith with queued items. Problem occurred with Scroll button.
  2. Attempt to drag a queued item down to the trash bin.

Expected Results:

Remove queued item.

Actual Results:

All queued items were removed causing the blacksmiths to become idle. Was unable to craft anything after.


I’m going to try to reproduce the error, since I got the game back up to where it was when the error happened.


I still have the save file if you would like for me to upload it.

Versions and Mods:

Alpha 13, existed with Release update last Friday.

No mods.

System Information:

Windows 8.1 x64
AMD FM2 CPU and AMD R9 280 4GB

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Hey there @Jacob_Santos, welcome to the Discourse, and thank you very much for the detailed bug report (using the template)!

This seems similar, though with significantly more detail, to this report from a few builds ago. Did you by chance notice if the “open” sign disappeared from the queue screen?

The open sign did disappear, but I didn’t think it was related, because it also did not show up on the cook crafting menu until something was actually being crafted.

The problem is not so much that open or close is gone, it is that when I click the craft button, it does nothing.

That is true, you do need items in the queue for it to appear, I always forget that! Regardless, it does appear to be the same issue (cannot add items to a queue) just with a different crafter…

I thought I read the bug report and that the cause was different. I will read it again.

I don’t remember ever getting down to a cause…but I haven’t read the whole thread in a while either :smile:.

The cause wasn’t mentioned and there wasn’t enough information to tell whether this was a duplicate or related. I did not get a message to refresh the UI when the problem happened.

Alright, I am going to leave this report on its own for now. @sdee or @Albert should be able to shed some light on whether these two issues are related…if they are, will move then.

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I just had the same bug and had to create a new game. It happened with my carpenter and I didn’t find any solution to solve the bug.

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I just reloaded a save that I had prior to the action I performed that caused the bug.

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Resolved per queue limit in release-523.