Images in Crafter Queue cannot be clicked in all areas

The Buttons in the working pipeline for a crafter are not “fullsized”. The topright corner is working correctly but top left or below the “button half” is not the button anymore.
Its easy to see with the mouse cursor over it. The button has 3 cursors, the “press button finger” (in the top left area), the normal stonehearth cursor (in the lower part), and a windows style cursor (in the top right part) (never seen in the game).
Looks my drawing inside the attachment for details. (A is full button, B the top left area (works fine!, pressing button cursor), C the lower area (works not, unkown cursor), D the topright area (works not, normal stoneheart cursor)

Steps to reproduce:

  1. queue up one or more items in the blacksmith (i tested it with the blacksmith and looked quickly to other crafters -> the type should be not relevant)
  2. Hover slowly over the button inside the crafting pipeline

Expected Results:
If i click the button, i should see the item inside the crafting menu, dosen`t matter were i click. The button should only have one behavior.

Actual Results:
Depending on the clicking area of the button, -> normal behavior -> no behavior

Clicking sound is also missing!


Version Number and Mods in use:
alpha 2807 no mods installed

System Information:
1920*1080 monitor resolution
fullscreen = on
vertical snyc = on
High graphic settings = on
Ambient occlusion = on
antialising = a little

no work inside configs or mods, just a plain steam version

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I have this too (actually since a13, I thought I had it reported already, but I didn’t…)

Resolution: 1366 x 768
Not fullscreen
No mods

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Can confirm. I’ve noticed this as well, never bothered me enough to make a report :blush:.

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