Windows Task bar obstructing the game

I don’t know how or why, but when I try to click a button, the windows task bar makes the in game cursor change into the normal windows cursor. I do play with full screen, but without it visually showing up, the task bar is layered above the game, making some button impossible to click

I don’t know how to reproduce it, I’m not using any mods, the game runs fine otherwise, and again, I am in fullscreen.

did you try to restart your game / pc? and did you try to play in windowed mode?

When I am in the game, whenever I click the bottom of the screen, the game minimizes and I go to Windows. The game still runs and I can click on the Stonehearth icon to return to the game. This seems to occur where the Windows menu bar is located.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Open up StoneHearth in Full Screen mode. (You can stay in the menu or go into a saved game.)
  2. Click the very bottom of the screen.

Expected Results:
Can click on buttons/actions in the game while still being kept in StoneHearth.

Actual Results:
StoneHearth minimizes and I go to Windows.

I don’t encounter any errors. I can still play the game once I go back in. If I take off Full Screen mode, it works fine.


Version Number and Mods in use:
0.22.0 Release 735 x64

System Information:
Windows 10 x64bit

Are you sure that it is full screen? And not just maximized?
Are there any other programs open in the background?

I didn’t happen when I loaded the game today. When it occurred, I had just downloaded the newest files automatically from Steam. I shut down my computer during the night which seems to have fixed it.

Nothing out of the ordinary was running in the background. I am positive that it was in Full Screen mode.

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:thinking: Let us know if it happens again.